Tamaño: 6023cm x 2311cm x 2235cm (LxWxH)
Peso: 1063 kg

Características particulares

Pictogram instructions included.
Label Warning signs and safety of use.

Main frame: steel tube of 120x50x2mm OVAL. and 100x50x2 mm.
Needle selection of the weights of aluminum magnet to prevent falling when performing the exercises and spiral wire to prevent their loss.

Cable traction weights: Steel in a 7×19 configuration with 3 +1 mm. in diameter and coated with polyamide to 4 mm. with a breaking strength of 560 KExerFlex Pro self-lubricated.

Pulleys: Made of polypropylene, double sealed bearings and precision ground to ensure long life of the cables, smooth movement and maximum durability.

Fairings: Cowl of the towers where the weights on ABS to improve the appearance and increase safety.

Safety: Machine manufactured under UNE-EN 957.1 and 957.2
Plates or weights, gauge steel, polyamide caps have a smoother operation and avoid noise in the exercise.

Load: 2 to 100 K. High Pulley 2 to 100 K. Low Pulley Two outputs for crossing 80 +80 K. With dominated bar.
The supports are placed where the feet are covered RILSAN 2 mm. thick

Seats: Made of high density foam (150) with a thickness of 4 cm. upholstered with flame retardant skay.

Painting: Metal parts undergo degreasing and phosphate tunnel, then passes through an electrostatic paint booth and painted with polyester powder paint. Passed through an oven for curing at 220 º.
Regulations chrome.

Fulfilling the ISO 14001 protocol in environmental policy.



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