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As we mentioned a few days ago in our blog about the visual variation, today we want to reflect on this issue to try to clarify the people who read us, whether or not customers, wrong or malicious concepts.

We have recently observed how a client of a certain company used to hang on the social networks pictures of recently acquired machines where it was possible to appreciate that the paint came off in large quantities from the metallic surface.

We know the company to which he referred and it can only provide a cheap price, nothing more. It can´t offer quality because if it were offered the price of the machines would be higher. Those who buy, why do they do it?, can´t be other than the price and this leads to what they buy can give them the problem we discussed or similar.

When the price is very cheap it has to be for some circumstance. In this case, when there is a peeling of the paint on the painting surface, it is necessary to study each case in particular and determine key factors, such as the type of surface on which the product has been used, which paint is being used, it´s been before the painting, the conditions in which the paint was applied, the treatment during the drying or polymerization period and the conditions after the curing of the product.

Paint detachment is equal to lack of preparation of the surface when painting (presence of grease or moisture) and paint system not suitable for current times. And this is not taken care of by companies that only rely on giving a cheap price because otherwise the accounts would not come out. It seems incredible that in the XXI century there are people who believe that they can give more for less, or as they say, “Nobody gives hard to four pesetas”.

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