Anything goes?

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We are witnessing a lot of ethical scandals and practices in our sector and in many other sectors. You have to be careful because cheaters have their days numbered.

Ethics should always be present in companies because it allows them to grow their reputation. It is fair to recognize, that not all of them take care of this aspect and that many don´t preach by example.

That a company is ethical isn´t easy, there are many that don´t always act well although, possibly, they try to do it. The information that is made isn´t always necessary and reliable. The competition is hard, intense and often savage so we intuitive that the “anything goes” spreads.

Recognize that mistakes are inevitable, we all commit them, but often because of the pressures of leaders lead to hide or justify them, thus creating a deception that is difficult to get out. The one who moves does not appear in the photo.

We aren´t for jokes, they don´t run good times and the patience of the clients is beginning to end. It doesn´t take anything else to see how social networks and consultations make us a root of writing our thoughts in our blog.

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