More about paintings and their lies.

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We received a call for what was posted on the blog a few days ago, asking our opinion for something that one of the people who contacted us had seen on the website of an equipment company that spoke about paintings.

We will try to explain, in the clearest way, why they contacted us asking for our opinion as well as information about paintings. There are companies that only use lies and one of them is when they arrogate many characteristics to their products and nothing they say is true. If they say it – as in so many other things – knowing that they are cheating they do wrong and if they do it without knowing what they say, they also do badly, because they should know what they are selling and their true characteristics.

It is understandable that in the case that they do not know what they say about paints, it is because they are not manufacturers and do not know anything about manufacturing or the raw materials for their manufacture, as is the case of paints.

We wondered if it could be true that a company says that its equipment has 7 layers of paint, of which 3 are protective and 4 layers of paint and then to finish they say they have two final layers of polyester powder epoxy paint?

They say all this so that customers who do not know about paints when they see that their machines have 7 layers of place to the client interprets that the painting is extraordinary and that they have to be very well painted because they have 7 layers of painting!! To finish and for the client to see that they are still better painted than the competition and leave more happy and convinced, they say they have, in addition, 2 coats of epoxy polyester paint that I imagine will be dust. In short: lie.

The powder paints of which they speak, polymerized in an oven at 240 ° C, would cause the other 7 layers of protection that would be liquid when carrying these solvents in their composition would produce bubbles because the solvents at the indicated temperature of 240º or less come out at outside predicting the aforementioned bubbles.

Please try to be more critical and avoid cheating.

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