The IVA of the gymnasiums, without traps to the solitaire.

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Going in Telju Fitness we regret that it was not possible to reach an agreement, at the moment, between the sports centers and the Public Administrations to lower the VAT. We make common cause and we stand in solidarity as it could not be otherwise.

That said, we would like to make a small reflection: We will not be wrong without pretending it with the news that we launch every day and that we see in the different media? News that speak of sports centers that absorb others, of the increases in benefits -in many cases with two digits-, of the users of these same centers that are counted by thousands, by numbers employed by those who have these same centers to attend to those thousands of users … In short, and to summarize, that the Fitness sector is going from strength to strength.

If the news that is given are all aimed at saying that the benefits go up, that they will open -not already some centers- but that they will open by hundreds, more, a few days ago I read in the CMDsport newsletter that they will open by the thousands! Are not we cheating on solitaire? Do we tell the truth or do we keep inventing it?

The Public Administrations see what we say, they read what we write, and it is normal that they think: If this sector is doing so well, it gives them such great benefits, why lower the VAT?

But we will continue mixing churras with merinas. When I see that someone manipulates concepts I get an overwhelming desire to give my opinion about it. It is true that we should take with certain relativism the opinions that all, in one way or another, we pour into the media and that should be framed in a logical context.

I understand that we are not defeatists that we have to generate emotions but that they do not create false expectations. We should show our sector as it is, with our virtues and defects because, after all, that is what it is all about: humanizing our sector.

Source (03-05-2018)  Cmdspor

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