Telju Fitness collaborates with Symotech in the development of new products.

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Telju Fitness

Telju Fitness has signed a collaboration agreement with the company Symotech, located in Granada, advising on the design of the solution for physiotherapy and high performance training Dynasistem.

The company Synergy Movement Technologies, Symotech, has just developed Dynasistem, a dynamometric system focused on the evaluation and functional development of human force and movement.

To carry out this project, Symotech has had the industrial know-how of the national manufacturer of bodybuilding equipment Telju Fitness, which after a joint works with the company of Granada, has carried out the ideal structure to give life to Dynasistem.

Juan José López Nombela, president of Telju Fitness comments that “There are several ideas that we propose throughout the year and although they all seem respectable we have seen in Dynasystem a response to a growing segment in our country, that of professional athletes, and the idea seduced us immediately,”. “We are talking about a system that simulates all the devices known in the market at the same time, which improves its performance and allows data to be obtained, something really novel, if not unique,” he adds.

Dynasystem consists mainly of three parts: Software, environment and device. Its implementation is from dynamic works (tonic, kinetic, elastic and others) as static (isometric, vibratory). There is a configuration to modify and modulate different variables that influence the working mode, all stored in reports and tables with the main results and values ​​obtained.


As a result of this collaboration, Telju Fitness has reported that it is working on adapting Dynasystem technology to its new isotonic line for its next market launch. A line composed of several specific models to respond to the waiting segments such as the health (CAR), “avid segments of cutting-edge developments”, point out.


In parallel, Telju Fitness has signed a collaboration agreement with the Department of Physical Activity and Sports Sciences of the University of Castilla La Mancha. “I have presented with a project that is being carried out in his department and I have requested our collaboration. Project that we welcomed, as it could not be otherwise, with the same enthusiasm that we have always shown towards innovative projects, whether from Universities, as in this case, or from private companies “, says López Nombela.

In this sense, the president of Telju recovers a criticism made earlier this year lamenting “the disconnection that exists between the university world and the company.” He believes that “we do not lack graduates and doctorates, but we must apply their knowledge to those aspects that can offer real value, guide the training of students and teachers to the challenges and needs of the society in which we live, establishing links closer The university and business that allow the development of research in those fields that are especially interesting, such as fitness for the development of new products “.

The director believes that “the strategy should be based on innovation, and this should be based on research as a strategy”. Even so, he laments, “We believe that collaboration is not feasible, in general, between companies and our sector.” Transferring this issue of collaboration to the fitness sector, little can be done because most companies are marketing fitness products, that is, they do not manufacture in our country no matter how many say yes, therefore, they do not count with adequate facilities that can carry out projects such as those in which we have recently been involved in Telju Fitness “.

And I concluded by launching the question on the fly: “If in our sector there are very few companies that we manufacture, with whom uoy will rely on companies to request a solution in the design of a new product or innovative system?


Source: (14-6-2018)  Cmdsport

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