About paintings

As we mentioned a few days ago in our blog about the visual variation, today we want to reflect on this issue to try to clarify the people who read us, whether or not customers, wrong or malicious concepts. We...

Anything goes?

We are witnessing a lot of ethical scandals and practices in our sector and in many other sectors. You have to be careful because cheaters have their days numbered. Ethics should always be present in companies because it allows them...

Human Limit

WHAT IS HUMAN LIMIT PRO HUMAN LIMIT PRO is an unstable device for functional and high intensity training. Instability allows us to work several muscle groups at once, increase control over balance and coordinate both sides of the body. HUMAN...

Gimnasio No Limit (Portugal)

Looking for the truth

In Telju Fitness we are, for many years now, lovers of fitness and also, because don´t say it, everything that refers to resistance training as the basis of any sport worthwhile for better performance in it. That said, as we...

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