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Fed up with teletraining

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Fed up with teletraining

Is tele-training here to stay? Honestly no.

A very important number of gym clients are and will continue to be in-person. It is true what happened with the pandemic, it has led to many activities on the Internet. People are tired of teletraining and ask to go back to training in sports centers.

As a point to what we say, you have to know that 87% of the people who telework for their companies are fed up and want to return to face-to-face work. The same as those who do or have done teletraining.

That said, we would have to make a reflection and start with more force when you can go to the gym without any restriction. What do we mean when we talk about more strength? Well, neither more nor less than serving people as they should. The failure of many sports centers is as a consequence of people passing by. They do not teach effectively neither to train nor to eat.

What is clear in this situation that the famous fee of 25 euros – for many years, the fee was higher – is what they deserve and for the record that we do not refer to traditional gyms, those of a lifetime, such as the sports centers of the big chains. We make a point, How many champions, and we are not referring only to bodybuilders, but to other disciplines, come out of the big gyms? None. It is eloquent.

But on the contrary, users are given personalized routines, if they are well advised on what they should or should not eat, what nutritional supplements are good for them, but really, they could be charged a minimum fee of 40 euros. And all of this can be done in a 500/600 meter gym.

The traditional gyms, the “lifelong” gyms, you must go from being exclusively salespeople to being consultants. In addition to not entering, in business models that someone invents every day, with hardly any equipment and paying a fortune on top. Those of you who have well-equipped sports centers, with exquisite customer service, and who charge 25 euros to be told that you are expensive, will have guaranteed success. You will not have to be aware of whether a client leaves – who also – and another arrives, because if the client is served, as it was done from time immemorial, and the client achieves the objectives so they go to the gym, they will not be in the need to unsubscribe because you do not get anything from them.

If things go wrong, they will go wrong. It is not necessary to launch into impossible growths in times of bonanza and, in others, to withdraw into oneself in times of recession and crisis without realizing that you are only masters of your own destiny.

We do not intend to “scare” anyone with the threat that things could get worse, but we do intend on a promising future that has not yet arrived but will inexorably arrive. You have to be realistic about the potential that many sports centers have and make the most of it so that the employer can have the gym they have always wanted.

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