Fitness in hotels

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Fitness in hotels

As guests increasingly value “wellness” when they travel, hotels are struggling to find the best way to offer fitness options that suit their needs.

Guests want options and they want access to things that allow them to fulfill their wellness routines on their own terms when they travel.

Design and the environment are important, and not just for safety or liability reasons. The way the space is used directly affects the revenue, retention and loyalty of hotel guests. Today’s hotel gyms not only have to adapt to multiple trends and equipment updates, they have to compete with the boutique aesthetics and market needs that are becoming more common in the hospitality industry.

A good place to start is “spatial creativity,” where color options, lighting, arrangement of architectural elements, and other factors can transform small spaces, making them appear larger than they are.

While consumers expect more from their environment on an aesthetic level, they are not willing to sacrifice the tools they want for their workouts. Equipment is a more complex challenge when it comes to aesthetic and space considerations.

Something very important is when the gym can be located on the ground floor, it has a certain logic, since the location makes the operation viable throughout the year thanks to the local residential market and a large number of other nearby hotels.

Cardio (treadmills, ellipticals…) and weight and resistance machines are the two most popular offerings used by hotel guests.

A hotel manager does not need, in many cases, to have a gym design for his hotel, since Telju Fitness will be able to provide a basic service and designs adapted to the space available. The manager would not need to hire a hotel gym designer since it is a worthwhile investment that would increase the overall budget, almost certainly would save due to the use of our brand of gym equipment with more competitive prices than the prices offered by big brands but not for that reason with less quality or design.

For a better understanding and perception, we attached three designs of fitness rooms as an example, 50, 100 and 150 square meters.


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