Guarantee aspects. Guillermo Alves –Business Manager Telju Fitness.

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Guarantee aspects.

Technical service is to the Fitness industry what car insurance is to the Automobile industry: the guarantee that comes to get us out of trouble when equipment stops working without prior notice.

Obviously the consequences of staying on the shoulder of a road inside a vehicle that does not work is in all probability to be a real nuisance.

The standard sign that one can find in a muscle toning machine, the famous “Out of order, sorry for the inconvenience”, is far from being a great annoyance as such, it is a big problem if it remains in that state for several weeks. Depending on the type of breakdown and the type of coverage contracted, the invoice can go from free to, in some cases, very high.

In fitness equipment there is an obligation to give a minimum guarantee of time on muscle toning equipment but these guarantees vary from one supplier to another depending on the structures, cables, moving parts, upholstery, mechanical components, plastic components and / or painting. For some the structures may have a guarantee of 5 to 10 years, for others, as in our case, it may be for life. That by way of example.

In cardiovascular equipment, a 1-year guarantee is usually given by law, which, due to commercial strategy in recent years, has been extended to 2 years, when the obligation is actually 1 year. In these equipment, as in the family of equipment of the muscle toning family, coverage distinctions depending on whether we are talking about the structures, mechanical parts, saddles, electrical components, electronic boards and / or motor.

The supplier’s action time to repair a breakdown on a bodybuilding machine or a cardiovascular device is in our industry the first key point that will add value to the service that the sports center will provide, since a machine that does not work leaves many customers without power use it. Here at Telju Fitness we have a saying: “The most expensive machine in a gym is the one that doesn’t work.” The certainty that a client will have, when the supplier has solved in record time the problem that has arisen in one of its equipment, is, I repeat, the certainty that the choice of its supplier has been the most successful.

In international markets, the responsibility of the after sales service lies with the distributors through their approved agents and network of technicians.

It is advisable to specify what we understand as a good use, differentiating in addition to a correct use from an incorrect use; as manufacturers we have been forced to improve certain components for a few years due to misuse, the hobbies of some users but also the lack of maintenance by management or, failing that, of the figure of a technician to maintain the correct operation of the equipment in general. The fitness equipment needs a cleaning of the upholstery with the appropriate products, a weekly review of the condition of the cables, pulleys, adequate lubrication in the guides of the plates, etc … The lack of use of the towel leads to the sweat cracking the upholstery, not to mention the lack of hygiene it represents, both for the person who exercises and for the next person who is going to use the equipment later. Although we have to recognize that hygiene measures with the issue of the pandemic have practically made this misuse disappear.

In the same way, in cardiovascular equipment and especially in treadmills, they need to be vacuumed, the bands centered, the screens clean and the cables well connected and, above all, make sure that the electrical installation of the center is adequate to withstand the voltage of each equipment and continuous use from the opening to the closing of the installation. In our 35 years of existence there are many cases found of smoking motors when what really caught fire were the balls of fluff mixed with dust accumulated under the casing of the tapes! In our sector we have to be clear: the lack of minimal maintenance and a series of incorrect behaviors are not guaranteed at all, which does not mean that it cannot be solved obviously.

A distinction must be made in terms of labor and travel, because depending on the cases and the suppliers, these two concepts are also key and to minimize costs it is essential to have, as in the case of Telju Fitness, its own service and direct, in addition to appropriate mechanical means such as vehicles and a network of official technicians specifically trained in our products.

It must be recognized that, depending on the manager profile and the business model, the sensitivity to maintenance can be total or even nil. It is known that preventive maintenance avoids corrective maintenance but that non-existent maintenance may not be corrected.

From Telju Fitness we appeal to good sense when signing maintenance contracts, because first it is convenient to know all the coverages and non-coverages as well as their application time, and then depending on each situation, study a customized maintenance. In our case, the issue of spare parts is guaranteed since we are talking about a 100% nationally manufactured product.


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