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HUMAN LIMIT PRO is an unstable device for functional and high intensity training. Instability allows us to work several muscle groups at once, increase control over balance and coordinate both sides of the body.

HUMAN LIMIT PRO you can use alone, but you can also attach weight plates of 5 and 2.5 kg to increase its weight to 13 kg,and 30 lb elastic bands with 2 different measurements in the same band. Made in 8 mm steel in a single piece, it becomes practically indestructible. Each grip supports 75 kg and are covered in non-slip rubber. HL lacks any maintenance.

There are many unstable devices but they are all incomplete. HL is born to unite all the benefits of each of them in a single device. HL has been created by athletes and athletes.



In this link you can see a video / guide with 60 basic exercises to start using your HL PRO.

Separated by muscle groups to make it easier to prepare your training.


  • By working with your hand and forearm in a straight line, drastically reduce the chances of suffering a wrist injury. Something fundamental and especially for an elite athlete.
  • With a single HL PRO you can work your entire body and even several body parts at the same time.
  • Thanks to its studied Biomechanics allows hundreds of exercises to be carried out in a comfortable, safe and practically perfect technique.
  • Due to its enormous versatility it can be used for strength training, high intensity training, functional training, circuit training, recovery, unstable, group, etc.
  • HL users have a free introductory video / guide on our YouTube channel.



Human Limit Pro                              ProPlacas 2,5  y 5 k               Bandas elásticas



Tlf.:   +34 925 77 95 95 / +34 620 42 74 10


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