Telju Fitness makes its way into the Arab market.

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Telju Fitness

Telju Fitness values ​​very positively its progress in the market of the countries of the Middle East, in which “it requires, beyond a professionalism recognized as ours, a keen sense of ethics to be able to meet the expectations of investors” , as the president of the company, Juan José López Nombela, points out.

In the case of the Middle East, López Nombela explains that “the approach has been able to be carried out by adding several factors, among which is our professionalism and good image -which includes our know-how and our absolute authenticity-, together with the good character and affection that the clients and investors have professed to us, being favorable to close several agreements “.


For the president of Telju Fitness, “the Spanish and European companies have advantages in these countries with respect to other social environments, and the Spaniards see us with great affection for the closeness and historical ties of more than eight centuries”. Although, he continues, “this is not enough to close agreements, having three very important premises: loyalty, sincerity and humility”.


Other factors that the manager considers key to close agreements in Arab countries are “have important international knowledge, from the administrative and commercial required by each country for export-import, through a range of personal and communicative virtues.

“Know the reality of the fitness market of each country, adapt the projects according to the proposed business models, be able to carry negotiations in several languages ​​thanks to our polyglot team; they also conform our stamp of identity beyond the reputation we have as Spaniards of working and fighting people, “he says.


But above all, the president of Telju Fitness emphasizes loyalty as an attribute “extremely important” and more, he warns, taking into account that “we have found that some Arab customers are alerted to the mischievous character of many Europeans.” “They have told us some bad experience with companies in the fitness sector, they have closed the odd door after checking that they tried to deceive them and, in some cases, even cheat them directly,” he laments paraphrasing football player Terrance McAllister: “Loyalty is everything, but not everything is loyal.”


Source: (15-3-2019)  Cmdsport

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