The truth about training with resistances.

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Some time ago I read in an interview of the sector in which it was said that the “old gymnasiums where the bodybuilding monopolized all the leadership are part of the past”. Is bodybuilding really part of the past?

Did not want to prevent the word muscle building wanting to give another meaning perhaps to make it more friendly in the eyes of consumers?

We write this article motivated by another published in the beloved CDM Sport magazine where it says “Strength training helps endurance athletes”, and another in which a chain of American gyms that indicated that they combined weight training with Cardio and bursts Alternate anaerobic exercise and continued his article saying that one of his classes can burn up to 1,000 calories.

It would be necessary to dissociate, in any case, the word “bodybuilding” from the one of bodybuilding because although it does not seem it is not the same. Is the same thing the person who drives a car for fun, leisure or work that decides to run in Formula 1 cars?

We have found throughout our long career in the sector people who do not know for what reasons they spoke badly of everything that smelled like bodybuilding, people of our competence, that is to say, that sold so-called muscle-building machines.

It must be recognized that in the Fitness sector much progress has been made since it has been introduced – some with greater success and others with less – activities that help to make life healthier for users of gyms, but all the activities that we can always imagine they will have to go united and associated to what from distant times is called a “weight room”.

We do not intend with this article to underestimate the activities that are currently performed in gyms, in fact, we applaud them, but if we want to claim the use of toning machines.

A little bit of history: Machines that were already invented back in 1741 and that was called the Gymnasticon. The next step in the evolution of machines occurred in the year 1876 when the Swedish Gustav Zander presented a system of physical training with machines.

We, in particular, saw the first muscle-building machine in a film released in Spain in 1964 and shot in the United States in the previous year entitled “The Crazy Professor” starring Jerry Lewis. The machine was really a multistation, made with a round, chromed tube and carrying weights as resistance.

We want to understand what is said in this publication is that machines have existed for many years, exist and will continue to exist and will continue to be used in gyms for many activities around the machines are established.

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