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Today we want to make a reflection of what is said, written and advertised on the treadmills and engines that incorporate the same.

When it says that an engine has, for example, a 2.5 HP engine with a “peak power” of 5 HP is lying blatantly trying to deceive the customer and that he thinks that the tape has 5 HP when in reality it has 2.5 HP.

We have seen this very recently as someone, who is a municipal architect, “has bought the argument” when he has had to assess a budget for the equipment of a municipal gym and its allocation.

We ask ourselves the following question: what does a municipal architect know about electricity and electronics issues? Nothing, but on that some companies are based to say those lies.

An engine for another type of industrial machinery, it could be the case that it could reach a “peak power” of 5 HP even when the engine is only 2.5 HP. This “peak power” would only reach it for two / three seconds, then, automatically, it would work again according to the HP that claims to have the engine. The HPs are included in the identification badges that have the engines incorporated in which the same data is reflected as well as the brand of the engine.

What engine on a treadmill would work better, with more warranty, with less risk of giving a problem, the 5 HP or the 2.5 HP? Always, to compete on price, it is cheaper to incorporate a 2.5 HP motor into the treadmill than a 5 HP motor.

What you should know is that when you tell lies about the “power peak” if the one who says them knows they are lies or says it without knowing if they are a lie. Our opinion: very bad in the first case but also in the second, well, it does not know what it is selling. The first of the cases is the one that is always given, that is, the deception knowingly.

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