It’s never too late to start resistance training (and III)

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It’s never too late to start resistance training (and III)

In a recent study of elderly men and women (mean age 87 years) who lifted weights three times a week for 10 weeks, strength increased dramatically, 113%!

The improvement in strength allowed the elderly participants to walk 12% faster than before the study, climb 28% more stairs, even caused their thigh muscles to increase by more than 25%.

How much resistance exercise should you do? The American Institute of Sports Medicine recommends that resistance training be progressive in nature. Provides a boost to all major muscle groups (chest, abs, shoulders, arms, and legs). Beginners were recommended to do a set of 8 to 10 exercises for the major muscle groups, 8 to 12 repetitions until fatigue, two to three days per week. For older and more frail people (approximately 50-60 years of age and older), it was suggested that 10-15 repetitions may be most appropriate.

What is the progressive overload principle? Milo of Crotona, the Greek athlete, strongman and fighter, can be recognized as the first athlete to use the principle of progressive overload. Legend has it that Milo trained for the Olympics by carrying a newborn calf on his back every day for years before the start of the Olympics, and by the time the Olympics arrived, the calf had grown into a cow and Milo continued to carry her on his back. In essence, Milo adapted to the increasing weight of the animal by becoming stronger and stronger. What Milo was doing was a progressive overload.

To follow this pattern and develop strength and tone, you have to lift a weight heavy enough to create muscle fatigue on the 10th or 12th repetition and then, when it becomes easy, you have to increase the weight, lifting the same until you can do it again for 10-12 reps.

Typically each time a new weight is added there will obviously be fewer reps because more weight has been added, but then as the muscles get stronger, more reps will be done.


The principle of progressive overload is universally accepted as the model that generates the best guarantees of force.

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